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College Girl Earning Some Oral Extra Credit from Professor

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
Horny College Girl Earning Some Extra Credit from Professor by giving him a Blowjob.

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Two Girls Licking Pussy and Cock

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
Candy and Katka are two sexy girls that share everything watch as they please each other licking pussy then double team a cock.

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Rikki Lixxx vs Mia DoMore

Monday, February 27th, 2012
Rikki Lixxx is a known expert in the blowjob field while Mia DoMore is an all around sexual goddess. What happens when these two face off in a cock sucking race. Well its impossible to predict but I can guarantee you one thing. you need to see it. These girls did everything in their power to get that title once and for all.

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Young Slut Wife Lanka Takes On a Theater Full of Horny Perverts

Sunday, February 26th, 2012
Lanka is a young slut wife that Dirty D has been exposing to the seedy sexual underground. Her husband loves for her to go out hook up with guys then come home and tell him every detail of her escapades. Dirty D knows a trip to the theater will give her a tale to tell that her husband will never forget. Dirty D enters the porn theater with Lanka and horny perverts start emerging from the dark corners. Dirty D and the crowd strip Lanka totally nude groping her pussy and tits. Lanka begins sucking Dirty Ds dick while stroking off a strangers cock. Dirty D puts Lanka down on her knees and she quickly becomes the center of a circle jerk. Lanka reaches out sucking and stroking the dicks around her. Dirty D starts fucking Lanka on the back of the couch then trades off with another guy to get some more head. Soon the crowd of strangers start shooting their hot loads all over Lanka's face and tits one after the other.

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Whacked Out Latina Hooker Tries to Suck Dick

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Marisol is a whacked out street walking hooker. She has been working the stroll for seven years now. Marisol is one tired used up hoe. She has been up for the past two days straight and it shows. Marisol says she averages doing 4 or 5 guys a day. Cracker Jack tells her she is a lazy hoe. Marisol does not care though she says she makes enough to get what she needs. Cracker Jack tells Marisol to go down and suck his dick. Marisol is so whacked she can barely keep going. Cracker Jack makes her keep working it and then berates Marisol for giving such a piss poor blowjob.

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Voyeur Husband Sends Wife to Slut Training

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
Hot wife Danica comes to Dirty D to have him help fulfill her voyeur husband Brachs fantasy of watching Danica perform in a porn video. Dirty D calls up a couple of his boys to give her a well rounded slut straining session. Dirty D and the guys get Danica down on her knees sucking all of their cocks. Danica proves she has excellent oral skills. Dirty D puts Danica on the couch to give her a good double teaming. Danica eagerly takes in dicks at both ends. The first guy to blow his load shoots it all over Danicas back he then scoops it up with his fingers feeding her his cum. Danica takes the next guys cumshot in her mouth and on her face. Dirty D finishes off Danicas slut wife training with a nice messy creampie.

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Transexual gets fucked by her guy in woods

Monday, February 20th, 2012
You never know what your neighbors are doing in their very own backyard. This transsexual could be living right next door to you and getting her ass reamed out every day just steps from your patio. Isnt it an exciting underworld that we live in. This video reveals just some of the stuff going on every day behind the scenes.

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Slut Latina Taking on a Crowd of Horny Perverts

Sunday, February 19th, 2012
Susie is a busty Latina MILF. She has been on several slut wife adventures with Dirty D but she has never been into the porn theater. Susie is eager to get covered in cum. Dirty D takes her into the dark theater and unleashes her big breasts arousing the crowd of on lookers. Dirty D places Susie down on her knees and she is swarmed by a circle of guys stroking their cocks. Susie is a cum hungry slut she strokes a cock in each hand with one in her mouth. Guys start shooting their loads all over Susies big boobs and luscious round ass. Then Dirty D fucks Susies tight shaved pussy while she sucks another guys cock. One stranger shoots his load all over her pussy right before another guy steps up and fucks her hot sticky wet snatch. Susie leaves the theater a cum covered mess.

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Midori vs Anastasia

Saturday, February 18th, 2012
What a battle. Midori and Anastasia both want two things badly. the title of Cock Sucking Champion and a whole lot of cum on their faces. Yep both girls are cum guzzling freaks and love feeling jizz drip from their foreheads cheeks and chins. They want to make the men squirt as fast as possible to taste spunk and Victory.

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Escort Tries to Get Philosophical Sucking Cock

Friday, February 17th, 2012
Erin is an escort that tries to get all philosophical when talking about her fucked up life. Cracker Jack is quite amused interviewing this half witted whore. Erin tells Cracker Jack all about her lesbian love affair. She shares another story about catching her would be husband having sex wearing her clothes. Erin tries to wax poetic but fails miserably. At least she does know how to suck a mean dick. Cracker Jack feeds Erin his cock and leaves her a mouthful of hot sticky cum.

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